Awaken Your Possibilities

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I invite you to embrace the parts of yourself that you may not even know exists. You will have a witness and support on your journey of exploration to the highest and best parts of yourself. You will also have a guide and support for the stories you are cultivating and the stories you are composting as you move towards bringing your authentic self to the planet. Know that the journey will be filled with spaciousness, choice, authenticity, nurturing, and magic. Let’s play!” – Yvette Murrell


“Yvette has become a sage whose work focuses on serving those looking

for a deeper, more authentic connection that will give them the courage and

the power to do the work – that is theirs to do – to cause personal change

and societal healing.”

Sandye Brown, Master Certified Coach, Founder & CEO of Wide Awake, Inc.

“Whenever I feel off course, “too small” or lost in my own journey to be of

service in the world, Yvette’s compassionate heart, calm presence and

connection to both her humanity and her divinity help me recover the

clarity, the boldness and the greatness to keep moving forward with power.”